Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas by Dav Pilkey

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Dog Man book 5. Graphix, 2018. ISBN 9780545935173
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Another in the wonderful Dog Man series (others reviewed are Dog ManDog Man unleashed, and Dog Man : A tale of two kitties ) this time a hilarious take on Lord of the Flies. Dog Man is called into action once again, but this time Petey plays a big role. Can he overcome his evil ways and become a hero when he is needed? With his cute little kitten clone telling him that he can change, you can never tell!
Once introduced to the Dog Man series, young readers can't get enough of the crime fighter. At the beginning of Dog Man: Lord of the fleas, is an introduction to the characters so that readers new to the story can catch up. The book is so funny that even adults will be constantly amused as they follow the adventures of Dog Man. I was especially taken with the little kitten's constant use of "Why?", and his strange Knock-knock jokes that Pilkey has cleverly incorporated as part of the plot. The reader will also empathise with Petey as he gradually tries to change - lots of poignant moments there.
Readers are in for a treat with the bonus information at the back, showing George and Harold reading The call of the wild by Jack London in preparation for the next book, Dog Man; Brawl of the wild, as well as showing How to draw The Bark Knight in 42 ridiculously easy steps, plus instructions for Cat Kid, Crunky, Lightning Dude, Piggy and Bub. Then there are details about how to read to your cat.
This is a fantastic, humorous book, sure to lift the spirits of any child and will appeal to all readers.
Pat Pledger