Lego Ninjago Ultimate Sticker Collection

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DK, 2018. ISBN 9780241340325
Ninjago is one of 16 connected realms in this themed collection from Lego. Its capital, Ninjago City is protected by Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay, Nya and Lloyd from the powerful enemies including the Vermillion and the Sons of Garmadon.
Young readers are encouraged to read the captions and then use their visual acuity to select the appropriate stickers from the large collection to complete the scenes. There are also extra pages and extra stickers where they can build their own scenes of battles.
While these sorts of books may be seen as just another way of marketing the Lego merchandise, they can play an important role in the young fan's literacy development as they have to read the captions and make the appropriate selections as they learn more about the underlying plot and the characters. By having the opportunity to build their own battle scenes they can retell the story or make up their own, explaining and justifying their choices - all critical elements of understanding and telling stories.
This may be one of those special treat books that you have in your collection ready to engage or settle a child who needs some distraction.
Barbara Braxton