So you think you've got it bad? by Chae Strathie

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Ill. by Marisa Morea. Noisy Crow, 2018. ISBN 9781788001359
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Themes: Ancient Egypt, History. Subtitled, A kid's life in Ancient Egypt, what sets this book apart is that the information given about life several thousands of years ago is compared with that of kids' lives today. So when talking about clothing, the reader is told there is not a tracksuit to be had, and servants walk around naked, while all kids would be expected to wear a pleated linen dress. The comparisons make this book very funny, teaching the reader of life in Ancient Egypt, but making it accessible by using today's customs.
Divided into ten chapters, concerning for example, Diet, Housing, Family life and Discipline, each section makes fascinating reading. Included in the chapters are paragraphs of text divided by humorous illustrations are also boxes of information called "Fancy That!". I learnt that the men did the washing in the Nile because of the crocodiles, and that hyenas were fattened up for feasts, while rich Egyptians ate raw cabbage as an entree! A double page towards the end gives more information about the down side of being an Ancient Egyptian, and this is followed by a glossary of terms and an index.
The illustrations are detailed and reflect the large amount of information found in the text. They are limited to a few colours, paralleling the muddy browns and sand colours of the landscape.
The whole is illuminating and should find a ready audience amongst those fascinated by Ancient Egypt.
Fran Knight