Leverage in Death by J.D. Robb

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In Death series, book 47. Piatkus, 2018. ISBN 9780349417905.
(Age: Adult) Recommended. Themes: Mystery, Murder. In the latest in the popular and long running series, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is faced with a strange act of violence. Why did Vice President Paul Rogan, a seemingly happy family man, set off a bomb at his office, killing eleven people? The meeting there was an important one, with two big companies merging and there didn't seem to be a motive for the killing until his wife and daughter were found chained up in the family home and Dallas could confirm that he had been forced to choose between the lives of those he loved dearly or the lives of his colleagues. Then comes another bizarre case and Eve knows that she has a serial killer on the loose. Working with husband Roarke, she investigates the financial and art world to try and find the motivation behind the murders.
Even after so many books Robb does not disappoint. Each book has a very different case for Dallas to solve, and the reader is kept interested and entertained throughout, with this one centred on the financial world. The humour of the dialogue between Peabody and Eve, and the latter's constant strange use of common phrases, add a bit of lightness to the dark of the callousness of the bombings, while the relationship between Eve and Roarke will satisfy those readers who like some romance with their murders.
Sure to keep the reader engrossed, the familiarity of the characters makes it easy to concentrate on the plot. Leverage in death makes for a solid and satisfying read.
Pat Pledger