Jake Atlas and the hunt for the feathered god by Rob Lloyd Jones

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Walker Books, 2018. ISBN 9781406377712
(Age: 10+) Recommended. "Jake Atlas and his family are on the run, hunted by international police while chasing the mysterious People of the Snake to stop them from hiding the secret history of humankind. But when the family's friend, Sami, is poisoned, the People of the Snake force the Atlases to work for them in exchange for a cure." (Publisher)
This is a great adventure novel - Indiana Jones for children. Once you start reading you want to know what happens next. Jake seems to find himself in trouble for not thinking on a number of occasions throughout the book. He has to work with his twin sister Pan and his parents to help save a friend of theirs. During the story Jake finds out interesting things about his parents and the double life they have been leading. Jake desperately wants to be part of that world; treasure hunting seems so glamourous.
During the course of the book Jake starts to realise that his actions affect the people around him and he starts to see that his parents do have his best interests at heart.
This is a great adventure novel and would appeal to adventure loving kids, particularly boys.
I recommend this novel to children 10+
Karen Colliver