Dude! by Aaron Reynolds

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Hachette Australia, 2018. ISBN 9780734418791
(Age: 5+) Highy recommended. How much story can you get from one word and some amazing illustrations? You will be surprised. In Dude!, there is one word - dude - and yet readers will tell more than one story. A beaver and a platypus want to go surfing. Should they get an icecream? Will they avoid the rocks? Is that a shark fin? Is that a crying shark? I wonder why it is sad? Can Wombat and Beaver help the shark? Will a surfboard help? Can a shark, a beaver and a wombat become friends? These questions are helping to tell one story. What story will you tell the next time you read Dude!
The amazing illustrations in Dude! and that one word - dude - tell a hilarious story of three unusual characters. The wonderful details and facial expressions explain the story and it is engaging. Readers will be able to tell their own story, using their story telling skills as they investigate each picture. The story will never be the same each time.
Dude! is highly recommended for readers aged 5+. It will give young readers a chance to practise their narrative telling which could then lead into story writing.
Kylie Kempster