Melowy : The ice enchantment by Danielle Star

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Ill. by Danielle Stern. Melowy series book 4. Scholastic, 2018, ISBN 9781338151800
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Unicorns, Fantasy, Friendship, Courage. In the Castle of Destiny hidden by a sea of clouds, Melowies, winged horses with gorgeous colourings, gather to be schooled in magic. Cleo, Electra, Maya, Cora and Selena wake to a beautiful morning eager to begin their classes in the Art of Powers. Cleo's destiny is unsure, she hasn't received her place in a realm yet: will she be a Winter, Spring, Day or Night? To find the nature of the young filly's power she needs to attend all the classes with her friends. This proves to be difficult for her, as she suffers sunburn in the Day Tower, tangles herself up in plants in the Spring Tower, and has candle problems in the Night Tower.
Cleo seeks advice from Theodora the friend who raised her after she was left on the castle steps as a baby. She needs encouragement to keep on with her lessons. Mysteries and problems abound, with a stolen magic book, a classmate casting a forbidden spell and problems in creating ice sculptures from the magic waterfall. Little by little, Cleo learns the power of friendship and patience.
Bright colours, pretty embellishments and beautiful creatures adorn the pages, making this junior novel sparkle. Danielle Star's magical fantasy series are just right for newly independent readers.
Rhyllis Bignell