Uncle Shawn and Bill and the pajimminy-crimminy unusual adventure by A.L. Kennedy

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Ill. by Gemma Correll. Walker Books Ltd, 2018. ISBN 9781406360509
(Ages: 6-9) Recommended. Themes: Friendship. Humour. Bonkers story of friendship, llamas and total evil.
Uncle Shawn and Bill are back, and so are the llamas. In a book that could stand alone or work as a sequel, they have settled into a happy life at their llama farm in Scotland with their new llama friends. But all is not right on the horizon as someone new to their village is stirring up trouble, and encouraging anything 'unusual' to be vilified and the perpetrators locked up...
This contains great hilarious posters, comic style illustrations and informative chapter headings evoking old Victorian novels. It is a very visual story, with plenty to read around the words themselves.
The theme of celebrating difference and not being afraid of who you are, is well covered by a vast number of different habits and hobbies of the people in Pandrumdroochit. They get involved in an exciting adventure as Bill and the llamas (as well as some other friends) work together to defeat the evil threatening them all.
The story is totally bonkers, but such good fun and has a lesson of friendship at its heart.
This is a great series, with lovely short chapters, lots of action and silliness and full of things to look at.
Donna Isgar