The Scoop by Terrence J Quinn

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Simon and Schuster, 2018. ISBN 9781925640045
(Age: Senior school - Adult) Jonno Bligh, an award winning journalist seems to have it made. However there is a problem. Jonno has developed a habit for cocaine, which has turned a shy, socially timid guy into a party machine.
After earning an Oscar for the screen play for his latest book, Jonno decides to buy a luxury yacht which he names "The Scoop Jon B", and intends to sail around the islands in South East Asia. He and an old sailing mate, Cody, from his youth, set off on the adventure of a lifetime.
Jonno has promised Cody he is off drugs, but is too self absorbed to consider anyone else. He continues to use drugs despite the dangers of having drugs in countries that have the death penalty for even small amounts of banned substances. Cody does the only sensible thing and leaves him at the first port of call. Jonno is incensed and can't believe his mate would leave him in the lurch, and after a bender and one night stand he finds he has gained the notice of the police who then search his vessel. Luckily for Jonno his stash has been cleaned out by his pick up and he decides it's better if he moves on even if he has to sail the yacht single handed.
He eventually comes to his senses with the words of his mentor Percy providing sound advice and goes cold turkey. Dangerous when sailing single handed but throw in a tropical storm and the adventure is just beginning. He finds a little bit of tropical paradise in a secluded lagoon, that is hidden from the open sea, to start his rehab.
This is soon interrupted by the arrival of pirates who use the nearby bay for a bit of R and R. In this case some very nasty stuff happens on the beach when two women taken hostage are raped by the crew and then left to die. Jonno is able to rescue and save Annie but her friend is dead. Jonno has someone else to think about now, someone whose needs are far greater than his. He is able to nurse Annie so that she is stronger physically but emotionally, of course she is a wreck.
Jonno has also found the pirate leader's stash, which Annie and he decide to keep, and this charts a course for a very rough ride indeed.
The Scoop is a ripping boys' (mans') own adventure. An easy to read page turner with sex, danger and daring do aplenty. Incredible, fast paced and slick this is a great airport read.
Mark Knight