See Monkey by Sophie Masson

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Lttle Pink Dog Books, 2018. ISBN 9780994626981
(Age: Pre-school) Recommended. "See Monkey" by Sophie Masson is a cute, easy to read story about a young child and his favourite toy Monkey and all the adventures they go on during the day. The book is filled with lots of illustrations showing what monkey is doing and would be absolutely perfect as a sharing book with a young child, where you could do the actions with them or their favourite toy too.
Monkey often gets into trouble and causes havoc with the family - which often happens with very young children and their toys! Monkey also gets told off a few times in the story, which many parents and children may relate too.
As a story book to read to a young child around 1-2 years old I think this would be excellent. The pictures are engaging, bright and accurate for the actions in the text. It would also make a great book for mimicking and even a group activity. In saying this - my 4 year old listened happily and pointed to the illustrations telling what Monkey was doing and what she could see. This shows its versatility across the younger age ranges.
I also liked this story for its ability to engage and draw in young children who have a really special toy that goes with them everywhere.
Overall I give this book a 4 out of 5, and think it would be a great addition to a young child's library or even in an education setting such as a childcare.
Lauren Fountain