Ori's clean-up by Anne Helen Donnelly

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Anne Helen Donnelly, 2018. ISBN 9780646984131
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Themes: Octopuses. Marine animals. Recycling (Waste, etc.) "Ori the Octopus and his friends have left rubbish everywhere. They tidy up, but it doesn't work. To keep their home clean and healthy, they need to do something different, something better." (Author)
This is a lovely story about looking after the world around us, and how if we all work together we can help keep it clean. The text in this book is large and easy to read; the illustrations are bright and help to tie the simple story together.
Ori with the help of his friends clean up all of the rubbish, but when it just comes back again they think about different ways they can deal with the rubbish. They don't just get rid of it but reduce it and reuse what they can and recycle what they can't reuse.
This book can be used with young children to talk about the importance of looking after our environment.
I recommend this book to 4+
Karen Colliver