Something for Fleur by Catherine Pelosi

cover image Caitlin Murray. Lothian, 2018, ISBN 9780734418104
(Age: 2-5) Themes: Birthdays. Surprises. Friendship. When Fleur the flamingo receives a letter delivered by the postman, she is very surprised. As she relaxes on her outdoor lounge surrounded by blooming cacti, she wonders about the big present Bo her best friend is posting. Her imagination takes flight, will it be icecream mountains or ten-tiered cakes, but maybe they are a little difficult to deliver. When a second letter arrives, an additional clue is included, the present is very strong. The anticipation builds with a third letter informing Fleur that the present is a little bit wobbly. Fleur's patience is stretched to the limit when nothing is delivered by the postman on her actual birthday. By now, the young audience has guessed the surprise present and can join in with the Happy Birthday chorus sung by a special visitor.
Caitlin Murray's gorgeous, colourful digital print illustrations capture the fun and happy mood of Catherine Pelosi's picture book. Fleur's house is awash in bright bold colours, filled with an array of lush house plants and jam-packed with fun household items and gadgets. Fleur's imaginative ideas are creatively represented, three colourful lorikeets fly overhead dressed in superhero costumes while frog and sloth become body builders balancing Fleur's presents. The author's use of letters delivered by the postman is different in contrast to the popular use of social media. Something for Fleur is a fun story to share with toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Rhyllis Bignell