Fergus the farting dragon by Monique Mulligan

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Ill. by Veronica Rooke. Serenity Press, 2017. ISBN 9780995410435
(Age: All) Highly recommended. Themes: Dragons. Similarity. Stealing. Humour. "Fergus is different to other dragons. But when people make fun of him, he has an ear-splitting, eye-watering, toe-curling, stink-making response. He farts! When a cheeky knight in a fire-proof suit steals a precious dragon egg, the other dragons are at a loss. It's left to Fergus to get the egg back from the thieving knight." (Publisher)
Fergus is a very unfortunate dragon. Because he can't breathe fire like all of the other dragons, they tease him. Even though Fergus can't breathe fire he is really good at farting. Fergus shows the other dragon that being different is not always a bad thing. When all of the other dragons fail to save the golden egg, Fergus is the one who saves the day.
This book has a great message in it, that it is ok to be different. Just because someone is different does not mean they are not as good as everyone else.
I highly recommend this book. I think it will appeal to both children and adults with the fart humour. Activities to complement the book are available from the publisher.
Karen Colliver