Mirror Mirror by Cara Delevigne (with Rowan Coleman)

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Trapeze, 2017. ISBN 9781409172758
(Age: 16+) Highly recommended. Red, Naomi, Leo and Rose are four misfits who become the closest of friends upon the formation of their band, Mirror Mirror. Band rehearsal is an escape for all four, giving them momentary freedom for the hardships they face in their regular lives. Red has an alcoholic mother and often absent father, Leo's criminal brother encourages him to follow in his footsteps, Rose uses alcohol and boys to numb her painful past and Naomi runs away from home to finally be free. Just as the band are coming to terms with their group-identity and feel as close as a family, Naomi goes missing and subsequently turns up half dead in the Thames. The police believe that she did this to herself but Red begins to find clues suggesting that things are not as they seem. The trio decide that they must take matters into their own hands to truly find out what happened to Naomi.
A tale of determination, mystery and friendship in the face of adversity, this novel reminds its reader that they are stronger than they know and can make a difference in this world. In her debut novel, Delevigne presents realistic characters, deep emotional twists and an all-around inspiring story. Through Red, the reader is brought on a journey of self-discovery while learning some powerful messages along the way. A beautiful yet sorrowful story that truly captures the turbulence that is our teenage years.
Daniella Chiarolli