Professor Astro Cat's human body odyssey by Dr Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman

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Flying Eye Books, 2018. ISBN 9781911171140
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. "Professor Astro Cat's human body odyssey" is big, colourful, engaging and full of facts. Each double page offers interesting facts and illustrations about the different parts and systems of the body. Readers can follow Professor Astro Cat as he explains in short, descriptive paragraphs and labelled diagrams what is going on inside the body. Look inside a cell or at the different bones of the body. Read about the medicines humans need as well as ways to be healthy. There are a collection of fun characters supporting Professor Astro Cat as well as their human helper (the author in cartoon form) Dr Dominic Wallman.
"Professor Astro Cat's human body odyssey" is a gorgeous way to learn about the body from a young age. Each double page could be investigated before bed and independent readers can start anywhere in the book. This book is full of technical language which is a great tool for getting children talking and increasing their vocabulary. The double pages could also be read in a classroom when there are a few minutes to spare (great in a Health lesson). The Glossary/Index is also helpful as there are many definitions to support understanding. This text is also good for teaching children about the elements of a non fiction text thanks to its larger format being easier for a whole class to see.
It is highly recommended for independent readers aged 8+ but younger readers will love investigating the illustrations and asking questions (just like Mr 6 in my classroom).
Kylie Kempster