The magic spell by Linda Chapman

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My secret unicorn series. Penguin, 2018. ISBN 9780241354223
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Horses. Pets. Fantasy. Linda Chapman's My secret unicorn series has been republished for a new generation of girls who love horses, unicorns and magic. These simple, easy to read stories are great beginning chapter books with realistic pencil sketches by Biz Hull. They capture the imagination and show that special relationship between a young girl and her first pony.
When young Lauren Foster moves to Granger's farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains she finally knows her dreams will come true. Her parents have promised her a pony and she can barely wait to pick one out at the horse and pony sale. He brother Max has his own ten-week old bundle of energy, a Bernese mountain dog, now it is Lauren's turn. She has a favourite story written especially for her when she was three, "My Little Pony" all about a beautiful snow-white pony looking for a perfect owner. Now she's nine it's time for a real pony!
A scruffy, grey pony captures her heart at the sale, and with the help of her Mum they purchase everything they need to look after Twilight. A chance encounter at the local bookshop opens Lauren's eyes to the fantasy world of unicorns and she starts to wonder if her new pony is something extra-special.
Linda Chapman's quick-paced story, delightfully weaves the fantasy world into Lauren's everyday life. My secret unicorn is just right for young horse and unicorn enthusiasts.
Rhyllis Bignell