I got a chicken for my birthday by Laura Gehl

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Carolrhoda Books, 2018. ISBN 9781512431308
(Age: 5+) Highly recommended. How would you like a chicken for your birthday? It could be good - fresh eggs and a friend to talk to. Maybe? Well not this chicken! Our young lady wanted tickets to the amusement park but she was sent a chicken by her grandmother. She tries to be excited and responsible. She feeds the chicken but the chicken wants cotton candy. She gets excited about fresh eggs but the chicken is too busy. Before she knows it, the chicken has stolen her dog and her cat and has written a huge list of wants - nails, wood, a horse, helmets, a bucket, a lamb, geese and milk. What is this chicken up to? Could this chicken turn out to be the worst gift ever?
"I Got a Chicken For My Birthday" is a hilarious and well illustrated picture book. The funny looking chicken is a great discussion point - is it like a real chicken, what is different about it, what is the same about it, are all chickens the same . . . . . Excellent for practising observation skills. Children can also make predictions about what the chicken is up to and create their own stories. The text is simple and easy to read, matching well with the illustrations. It is highly recommended for readers (and their carers) aged 5+ as well as independent readers aged 7+. You are never too old for a funny picture book.
Kylie Kempster