Wish you were here by Michelle Blackbird

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Vanguard Press, 2018. ISBN 9781784654320
(Age: 14 +) Highly recommended. Genre: Historical fiction, WW 2. This is the story of two girls in the Netherlands caught up in World War 2 and the German occupation. Michaela's story starts at the end of the war. She begins her new life after being in hiding and faces the challenges of freedom, school, and friendships. She struggles in trying to understand about what really happened during the holocaust as she begins her new life in freedom.
Hannie and her family were captured during the war and sent to a concentration camp. Her story is touched on briefly as she faces the horrors of the time. This is very challenging to the reader, and we can feel the despair of Hannie and her family.
Two girls, two different pathways during the same war. This compelling story not only gives you an understanding of the time but shows us the strength the girls needed in facing the challenges ahead of them.
I enjoyed this very moving story and readers who have loved the "Diary of Anne Frank" will find this a must read.
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Rating 9/10
Debra Pepper