Being a princess is very hard work by Sarah KilBride

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Ill. by Ada Grey. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781408881941
(Age: All ages) Highly recommended. Themes: Self Esteem, Rhyming book. If you ever thought being a REAL Princess was loads of fun, and even easy, then this funny rhyming picture book will set you straight. Imagine sitting on a throne for hours, to practising handshakes and waving at your subjects when all you feel like doing is having a nap. Think of having no time to play, keeping all those body noises inside and most definitely no nose picking. Tables manners must be immaculate and no fussy eating allowed. Worse still the dragons you might have to contend with, and the frogs just waiting to be bestowed with a kiss. Having to look neat and spotlessly clean always, which pretty much makes anything remotely fun out of the question. Just being yourself, a REAL little girl, moody, energetic, noisy and yes messy, of course, but also generous and kind is so much better.
That's the opinion (anyway) of one would-be young princess's Mum and Dad, who want their child to know that they love her for who and what she is. The rhyming text is complimented with fabulous illustrations with double spread pictures full of wonderful details, many of them taken from traditional fairy tales, adding another dimension for the reader to enjoy.
Perfect for young would-be princesses and parents that want to get the message to their child to appreciate their "inner beauty" and develop themselves in spite of any "quirky" traits they think they may have.
Donna Isgar