Tiger's roar by Alex Rance

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Ill. by Shane McG. Allen and Unwin, 2018. ISBN 9781760523916
(Ages 5+) Highly Recommended. Themes: Teamwork. Belief. A young tiger finds himself unseated from his position at the top of the jungle's tallest tree. He is totally devastated as he has also lost his roar. Tiger is encouraged by his jungle animal friends to not give up. He tries different approaches to regain his roar and claim his spot back up the top of the tree. He practises howling like a monkey, hopping like a rabbit and using his strength by pushing over a tree like a rhino. But nothing he does seems to work. Finally, some good advice from Silverback the Gorilla reminds Tiger that he should not try to be someone he's not. Tiger needs to be himself and use the talents that make him special, not the talents of his friends. And it doesn't matter if he's not the King of the jungle, as long as he's proud to be a tiger. But perhaps he will make it if he keeps trying, and with a little help and team work from his friends.
Inspired by the experience of his own football team, the Richmond Tigers, working together to win the 2017 Premiership, author Alex Rance has created an uplifting story about a tiger who learns from others to be himself and the strength of working as a team. The illustrations have a great sense of fun, a little quirky and each of the characters very appealing. It emphasises teamwork and never giving up. Good for teaching children to have perseverance and believe in themselves.
Donna Isgar