The nothing to see here hotel by Steven Butler

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Ill. by Steven Lenton. Simon and Schuster, 2018. ISBN 9781471163838
(Age: 8-11) Recommended. Themes: Fantasy; Hotels: Magic. In a rollicking and amusing way, Steven Butler has created a fantasy holiday resort for magical creatures that can only be described as disgustingly spectacular. The resort is filled with magical and fantasy oddities, all hosted by Frankie Banister and his family (A family that has a befuddled, hybrid-ish troll heritage, with some human qualities too!) The normally smelly and idiosyncratic (and invisible to normal folk) hotel is turned upside-down (not literally) when a rather royal goblin decides to make a visit and creates instant chaos, leading to holes in walls, hand-to-hand fights, and piratical attacks. All in a day's work in the hotel industry for the fantasy world!
Written and illustrated in a very humourous style, the author even talks to his readers in digressions that poke fun at his own family and at the action that is taking place. It is no wonder that the book cover includes recommendations from "Tom Gates" author, Liz Pichon as it will appeal to readers of her books for its silliness. Certainly not "Harry Potter"-esque in the quality of the fantasy writing, but absolutely light-hearted and warm imaginary nonsense that will appeal to young readers.
Recommended for readers aged 8-11
Carolyn Hull