Marge and the secret tunnel by Isla Fisher

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Ill. by Eglantine Ceulemans. Marge in charge series, bk 4. Piccadilly Press, 2018. ISBN 9781848127333
(Ages: 6-8) Themes: Babysitting, Family Life, Adventures. Isla Fisher's amusing stories about flamboyant Marge the babysitter and her unique style of babysitting Jake and Jemima are fun to read aloud and just right for a newly independent reader to enjoy. These three short stories involve a secret tunnel that might lead to Australia, Marge's unusual shopping techniques and a rather crazy search for Clover the lost kitten.
In "Marge and the Secret Tunnel", when Marge arrives to babysit Jemima and Jake, she's wearing a pink ski suit, goggles and a helmet, the perfect outfit to explore the secret tunnel Jemima's discovered in the backyard. Marge shares some Australian slang and some fantastic palace stories as they travel through the dark space into their neighbours' yard. They solve the mystery of their disappearing toys and make a new friend Angie.
Marge's unique style, singing ability and unusual approach to shopping makes for a fun adventure for Jake and Jemima. Racing shopping trolleys down an empty mall and discovering what happens when the shopping centre is locked for the night make for more silly escapades.
In the final story, Angie's fluffy, white kitten Clover is lost and Marge and the children decide to play detectives.
Isla Fisher's entertaining stories are just right for young newly independent readers. Marge's unique fashion sense, her entertaining ways and ability to turn the ordinary into humorous and fun activities make her a loveable character. Eglantine Ceulemans' cartoons add to the fun of the stories.
Rhyllis Bignell