Marvellous Mummy by Katie Poli and Giuseppe Poli

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New Frontier, 2018. ISBN 9781925594188
(Age: All) Recommended. Mums can be funny and friendly and gentle and strong . . . all in one day!
What an absolutely gorgeous book. The illustrations accompany a simple story line that will appeal to a wide audience and be a big hit around Mother's Day. It is interesting that it is not all sweet and gooey and also talks about mummies that get grumpy, grumbly and angry! Just shows that we are not always the perfect mother! This will certainly resonate with lots of the children as they so much enjoy sharing the good and the bad stories about their mums - often without a filter. The text allows you to create great visualisations of your own and it would be a fantastic activity to do with children - just sharing the text and getting the children to create their own images. A welcome addition to the collection and is suitable for children of any ages.
Kathryn Schumacher