Stratification by Ilsa Evans

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Harbour Publishing House, 2018. ISBN 9781922134356
(Age: 12+) Highly recommended. Stratification reads like a cross between The hunger games, The crossing, and The handmaid's tale, with a bit of fantasy thrown in.
A nuclear conflict has resulted in the destruction of most of the world, the only survivors being those who sheltered beneath the shield, a device constructed by a paranoid billionaire, a billionaire who fancied himself a god. Everyone under the shield, once of age, by law, must spend a year travelling. However, this isn't the case for Grady Pryndot, who, as much as she'd love to, won't be leaving her home town of Kale. Set to become the next Seer, Grady is too important to risk, and must continue her lessons with the demi-god Rainus.
But plans change with an unexpected collection and the revelation of Grady's gift. By mistake, Grady's friend Layton is taken, and, in a moment, everything changes. Rainus and Pryn are now desperate to get Grady and the other young people away before anyone learns that Layton isn't gifted. Grady's prayers for travel have been granted, but at what cost? Distressed at Layton's removal, Grady is determined to go after her friend and keep her safe from the god's wrath. With the help of Dex, Mia, and Maddox, she must make it to Harbourtown to rescue Layton, and remain unnoticed. But what will happen when Grady enters the lion's den? Why was it so important that she stay safe and hidden in Kale? And who is Koel and why is he looking at her as if he recognises her?
In some places terrifying, in others, adventurous, this YA dystopia is engrossing. It discusses problems with a power-centred world and introduces Marxist ideas within a fantasy context. I would highly recommend the novel to people twelve and up who enjoy dystopia.
Kayla Gaskell