Uncle Gobb and the Green Heads by Michael Rosen

cover image

Bloomsbury, 2018. ISBN 9781408851340
(Age: 7-9)
Uncle Gobb is that really annoying relative who's overstayed his welcome. Poor Malc and his mother have to endure his constant roaring, his interfering ways and his opinions about everything from learning history, to poetry and education. Uncle Gobb and the Green Heads is the second over-the-top story that sees Malcolm, his peculiar Uncle Gobb, their family and friends off to America. Malc's dad lives there and he really wants to reconnect. Along the way Uncle Gobb's genie 'Doctor Roop the Doop' and Malcolm's genie who streams out of his nose provide comedic moments and varying levels of assistance. Both protagonists have ulterior motives for travelling.
At school, Malc suffers episodes of Blurting Out and Big Trouble; with his best friend Crackersnacker they endure History and provide creative answers for the Timeline Book. Brenda the Mender offers the family her millions of air miles so they can travel overseas. More bamboozling and confuzling action follows, as Malcolm and his best friend, his mother, Uncle Gobb and the Weasels, Aunty Brenda the Mender leave to fly to America. While Malcolm is planning to get rid of Uncle Gobb, his relative also has an epic plan to get rid of his nephew.
This is definitely a lighthearted story, where questioning an adult's actions and motives aren't priorities. What a convoluted plot, with stream of consciousness asides, absolute silliness, jokes, fun chapter headings, and fact-filled text boxes interspersed with Layton's bold cartoons. This book is suitable for the younger reader who enjoys this humourous style of writing and silly characters doing crazy things.
Rhyllis Bignell