Mun Mun by Jesse Andrews

cover image (Age: 14+) Recommended. In the world of Yewess, your size is directionally proportional to your wealth. Warner and his sister Prayer are littlepoor, the poorest you can get. They face the dangers that bigger people just don't have to think about. They don't think about getting squashed by a bigger person's boot or being mauled by animals that would seem small to anyone else but littlepoor. Warner and Prayer set out to scale up, but they don't really know where to start. They face feats that are way bigger than them, and they both make and lose friends along the way. After trying plan after plan, they soon realize how hard their journey is going to be in a world that is literally built against them. What will they sacrifice? Will they get consumed trying to scale up? Or will they focus on what makes them happy?
This story explores the topics of the economy and the social classes of Yewess in a way that is humorous and funny. The author has also created characters that are unique and yet easy to relate to, and their journey will keep you on your toes guessing what will happen next. Warner is a tough character both physically and mentally, his hands-on approach to things doesn't always work out for him. While Prayer is a determined and strong-willed girl who will do anything to prove she is capable. The narration of this book is interesting and unusual, but it doesn't distract from Warner and Prayer's serious journey. Overall this is an entertaining story about a world not too different to ours, just bigger.
I would recommend this young adult book to readers from ages 14 and above. Kayla Raphael