The little mermaid by Alex Field

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Ill. by Owen Swan. New Frontier, 2018. ISBN 9781925059816
In 1837, Hans Christian Andersen gave the world his classic story of Ariel, The little mermaid who falls in love with a human prince and in exchange for legs so she can walk on earth with him, she gives up her voice. It is very much a tale of 'Be careful what you wish for.'
Retold many times and in many formats, probably the most well-known version being that of Disney, this is a new retelling that goes back to the original without all the 'trimmings'. For younger readers who are emerging as independent readers, it is retold simply in a straight-forward manner with beautiful new illustrations in watercolour and coloured pencils.
While teachers' notes are available, it could be used as one of a number of versions of this story to compare and contrast additions, alterations and omissions that the various retellers have chosen to make. Others in this series include The ugly duckling, The princess and the pea, Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the beast.
Barbara Braxton