The love jar by Karen Buultjans

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Little Steps Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925545357
(Age: 4+) Themes: Emotions, Love, Family. Reading rather like a reader in a set of books about emotions, Love jar shows a family which actively works at teaching their children to be aware of the reciprocal nature of love. Into a jar go the hearts which make up the love shown between family members. When someone is sad, a love heart comes out of the jar for that person, helping them to overcome their sadness and know that they are loved.
In kind, a girl shares her last biscuit with her brother, showing him she cares, and in return receives a hug from him, showcasing the love between them. The boy shows his love for his mother by tidying up his toys, even though he wants to play with them, the girl sits and watches football with her father showing him how much she cares.
Even when the girl is very sad, and the love jar so heavy it is hard to pull out a heart, her parents show her their love for her.
A family full of love, reciprocated and shared is shown all the way through this little book, reminding readers of the everyday love that is showered on them by their families and needs to be given back. This book may have a place in schools where values and emotions are explicitly taught.
Fran Knight