LuLu le baby Chef by Katrina Meynink

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Little Steps Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925545661
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. LuLu le baby Chef is the story of a baby named LuLu and her amazing gift. She can whip up any meal, cooking amazing dishes and tasty foods. She tastes many foods adults have not had the chance to try. Unfortunately for LuLu, something is missing from her dishes and she just doesn't know what it is. So, LuLu travels around the world - to Italy, Beirut, France, Rome and Amsterdam. She experiments with different ingredients and even cooks with a famous chef. However, that one missing ingredient is never found. Lu Lu heads home. Was the answer always there?
LuLu le baby Chef is a beautifully illustrated picture book and the pictures alone will keep younger children busy for hours. The details are wonderful. The story demands to be read aloud thanks to the rhyme and rhythm in the words. Children will be able to learn about different foods and different countries as well as new vocabulary such as delight, tenderised and scrumptious. The story will be a good read-a-loud in both the classroom and at home.
Use the story to identify the elements of a narrative and complete oral retells. In Geography, map LuLu's travels and identify the different countries and continents.
This book is highly recommended for readers aged 4+.
Kylie Kempster