Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians by Gary Northfield

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Walker, 2018. ISBN 9781406371802
(Age: 8+) Recommended. Themes: Animal Stories, Ancient Egypt. Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians is the third graphic novel written and illustrated by Gary Northfield. This is another laugh out loud story, filled with puns, jokes, sarcastic one-liners and plenty of slapstick comedy.
Shipwrecked on a foreign shore, the friends fall headfirst into a new adventure. Captured by an Egyptian Commander and his troops, they are marched off to be imprisoned. At this time, Egypt is experiencing a drought, however when Julius raises his hands to protest his capture, a fortuitous shower of rain occurs. Suddenly their luck changes and he becomes revered as Heter the horse god - bringer of good fortune.
They move quickly through the Egypt, visiting familiar landmarks, living in the palace, visiting and nearly wrecking the ancient library, generally causing drama wherever they go. Felix the antelope's exploration of an underground tomb and greediness in stealing a precious stone, intensifies the action. Factual information is included, writing Roman numerals, hieroglyphics and the art of mummification.
Northfield's hilarious cartoons highlight the perks of the zebra's reign as pharaoh and his special treatment as an Egyptian god. Palace life is luxurious, the food, the bath in donkey's milk and the special clothes, wigs and Cleopatra's beard to wear. Even the chapter headings add to the humour: "I want my Mummy", "Don't rain on my Parade" and "Wheel of Fortune". Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians delivers all the familiar characters, historical touches and humour, just right for a springboard into studies of ancient civilisations.
Rhyllis Bignell