Is it warm enough for ice cream? by Violet Peto

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Ill. by Victoria Palastanga. Dorling Kindersley, 2018. ISBN 9780241313053
(Age: 2-5) Board Book. Theme: Seasons. This bright, colourful board book looks at each season and asks "Is it warm enough for ice cream?". It is an English publication so some vocabulary and content is not as meaningful for an Australian audience. For example, the winter page shows snow and frozen ponds, which is only a reality for a very small proportion of Australian children. The only season it says is warm enough to eat ice cream is summer, when in reality it is often warm enough to eat ice cream all year round in some parts of Australia. There is some English vocabulary (ice lollies, sledging) and although some are also found here the animals are native to England (rabbits, squirrels, deer). Despite these slight drawbacks for Australian readers, this is a handy introductory book about the different seasons of the year and what they look, feel, sound, smell and taste like. It is predominantly nature/science based (animals, plants, weather, outdoor activities) which will help to build the vocabulary of young children and make them more aware of what is happening around them.
Simple pictures encourage pointing, labelling and discussion. The pictures use a combination of drawings and photographs (especially of animals, plants and flowers) to create realistic yet interesting and varied visual spreads.
Nicole Nelson