Star Wars: What is a droid? by Lisa Stock

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Star Wars: DK readers level 1. DK 2017. ISBN 9780241301272
(Age: 6+) Star Wars. Droids. Space. The first in a series of readers produced by DK, concerning the series Star Wars, this book uses a format that is readily accessible to newly confident readers. The book is 24 pages long and is divided into twelve sections of two pages each with colourful illustrations and between twenty and thirty words on each double page spread. The subject matter is appealing to younger readers, the format is easy to use, and the whole has an index and contents page teaching new readers skills of using a non fiction book. The first of four, What is a droid?, Blast off!, Rey to the rescue and The adventures of BB-8, this one tells the reader the difference between good and bad droids, then talks about several individually. C-3P0 and R2-D2 take up the next four pages and will be easily recognised by readers, and after this follows a range of droids used in the series of films. I had no idea there were so many! After this is a two page quiz and a glossary, making a complete book for young readers to absorb and test themselves. The text does not play down to early readers, and the illustrations add to the fun of the book. Early readers will love recognising the droids they have seen in the films, and enjoy the quiz at the end.
Fran Knight