Genuine Fraud by E. Lockheart

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Allen and Unwin, 2017. ISBN: 9781760295936
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Jule is a liar. A liar and a thief. She's gotten by on her wits and her strength defies female stereotypes - something she is incredibly proud of. She is a dangerous woman and she loves it. Chance leads her to Imogen, but it is her own guile which keeps her by the heiress's side, quickly becoming one of Imogen's closest friends, so close that Imogen lends her the London apartment, not to mention clothes, money, and . . . identification. But Imogen's light doesn't shine on any one person for too long and soon it becomes clear that Jule must go into hiding to avoid Imogen's other friends, boyfriend, and even the boy, Paolo, who knows her by Imogen's name. Just when everything was going perfectly it begins to fall apart and Jule is once again forced to rely on her own resourcefulness to keep herself and her new life safe.
Power is a strong theme throughout the novel, purporting the message that women can be just as powerful as men. Jule's power comes from her unexpected physical abilities and use of her intellect. However, the novel also shows that power can corrupt as Jule will go to any lengths to retain the power gained through Imogen's wealth - even if it catches the attention of local detectives and alerts Forrest, Imogen's ex, of the possibility she might still be alive.
I would recommend it for people twelve and up looking for an exciting story with a strong female lead in the style of James Bond or Jason Bourne.
Kayla Gaskell