Healthy Kids Cookbook

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Dorling Kindersley, 2017. ISBN 9781740331289
So many cooking shows get huge ratings on television and so much has been written about the 'obesity crisis' amongst our students that it is clear that food is a dominating force in our lives and the interest in it has never been higher. Gradually the tide is swinging towards the healthy end of the scale as we try to nourish our bodies but still cope with the hectic lifestyle we impose on ourselves and our kids. Even the famous 'Golden Arches" is now producing healthier fast foods that are getting a nod, if not the tick of approval, from nutritionists.
But if we are going to make and have sustainable change in our diets, we need to start from the beginning and get children knowing and appreciating what they are putting into their mouths. If they are actively involved in the growing and preparation of their food (A patch from scratch by Megan Forward) they are more likely to build habits of good nutrition that will last them a lifetime. Experience has shown me that those children who are subjected to a healthy food regime imposed on them by well-meaning parents are usually the first to grab the "naughties" at parties as they seek to taste the 'forbidden fruit'.
So to have a cookbook that is directed specifically at children cooking for themselves is very appealing and as usual with DK publications, both the content and the presentation are directed squarely at the child. Beginning with a brief explanation of why a balanced diet is critical and other things that all budding cooks need to know, it is set out with lots of photos, simple captions and just the right amount of information to inform but not bore. The recipes follow a similar sort of presentation with stunning full colour photos to help understanding but also to make the most ordinary food look good - we know we eat with our eyes first. Who knew a rainbow salad could be so tempting? Or how many good things could be packed into a pita pocket? Or even that so many vegetables could be included in yummy cakes? Parents will love this book!!!
With plans for the new school year already on the horizon, this could be the centrepiece of a display encouraging our students to nourish themselves throughout the year, and perhaps even encourage the establishment of a cooking group so they can learn and hone their skills and tastes in a community atmosphere.
Definitely one for the two budding chefs in my life . . .
Barbara Braxton