Battlefront by Michael Adams

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The Seven signs series book 7. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN: 9781743628072
(Age:13+) Recommended. Themes: Disaster; Truth and Lies; Adventure; Science-Fiction; Technology. This is the final episode in The Seven Signs series and begins in the tense circumstances that we and the DARE winners were left hanging in (literally) in the previous book. Sydney had just been subjected to an unnatural tsunami and the young teens needed to survive the horrific circumstances in order to prevent even further disaster in Antarctica. But at every turn there is another awful incident and threat to their lives. The Signmaker who is orchestrating the series of dangers that the teens must overcome is close to being revealed and maybe they have time to solve the sign and prevent worldwide catastrophe before havoc is released. Will their heroism rise against the tide again? Will their lives be spared? Or is this the end of the protagonists as well as the world as we know it?
Michael Adams has successfully created another action-packed drama, with tension on every page and a 'twist in the tale'. By dividing the adventure up into seven separate books, there is a little frustration in waiting for the next book when the cliffhanger at the end of each previous book is so tense. Therefore this should really be considered as one story, in seven different books; as each book needs to be read in order, and the story is not finished or satisfying until you have read this, the last of the series. I have to say that I enjoyed the entire journey in this futuristic, sci-fi influenced, technology-linked world and the teens involved are incredibly talented and resourceful (with a little help from technology). This series would make a good gift (as a set), and could be recommended in libraries (reading from book 1-7 in order) for both male and female readers.
Carolyn Hull