Circus time by Anh Do

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Hot Dog bk 3. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781760279028
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Cats and Dogs, Circuses, Friendship, Humour. Hot Dog is back in a positively purple production, with Kevin the cat and Lizzie his lizard friend, ready for a new adventure. These three are best friends who love to spend time together; whatever the weather there is always time for snowball fights or creating sand costumes. Something is about to change however, Lizzie has decided to join the circus where her sister Emma performs wonderful high-flying tips and tricks on the trapeze. Emma works with her partner Ribbit and audiences love their exciting aerial performances.
Lizzie has her own ideas about becoming a circus performer; she wants to be Loopy Lizzie the juggling clown. With her friends' help, she assembles her costume and leaves in the mouse family's tiny car. Kev and Hot Dog want to cheer their friend's first show and work at a bunch of funny jobs to raise the $50 ticket fee. Dog washing turns into circus animal washing, as two grubby monkeys, then Ginger the ferocious lion all need a bath in the paddling pool. There's a change of plans just before the show begins when Emma injures her arm and poor Lizzie who is scared of heights has to perform her sister's high-flying act.
Comedian, artist and storyteller Anh Do appreciates his young audience's love of jokes, humourous larks and silly situations. All the drama and highs and lows of Hot Dog and his friend's antics are wrapped up in this easy to read graphic novel. Bright, bold splashes of purple, speech bubbles, fun text styles, sizes and purple highlights, added to a collection of crazy cartoon circus animals make this another laugh out loud story in the Hot Dog series.
Rhyllis Bignell