I just couldn't wait to meet you by Kate Ritchie

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Ill. by Hannah Sommerville. Random House Australia, 2016. ISBN 9780143785071
(Ages: 0-4) Recommended. Picture Book. This board picture book, suggesting suitability for the youngest of readers, is delightfully heart-warming in its exploration of the anticipation and excitement associated with pregnancy. The small child is addressed directly in the story with the mother conveying to him/her the emotions associated with the new life growing within, in this instance, his or her own gestation. What would he/she look and feel like? What would be the favourite toy? The lovely, pastel illustrations by Hannah Sommerville bring these emotions to life. Each 'bubble' could be discussed at some length with the young reader.
Whilst quite whimsical for those of us looking back on the good old days of child rearing, I doubt that it is a book a small child would wish to have read over and over, as indeed the best of children's book demand. However as a text to be read to a small child expecting the imminent arrival of a sibling, it serves to introduce the idea of where babies come from and how exciting and joyful the whole business is or will be for the whole family and especially the mother in the initial stages.
I enjoyed I just couldn't wait to meet you, though I won't have the opportunity to read it to anyone, being well past the moment as it were. It therefore has limited appeal - simply to be read once or twice to a child by his/her mother.
Elizabeth Avery