My magical life by Zach King

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Puffin Books, 2017. ISBN 9780141387574
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. My magical life is a new series by author Zach King and he also just happens to be the star of the book. Zach is 11 years old and comes from a magical family. The opening pages of the book are like a photo album, showing colourful, cartoon style pictures of the characters you will meet throughout the story. Zach is in year 7 but is homeschooled. He has the chance to attend public school when his parents realise he might not have magic like the rest of his family. They hope a change of scenery might help Zach find his special magic object and then his magic.
When a magic trick at school brings Zach to the forefront of popularity, his path crosses mean girl Tricia. Zach doesn't even know how he did it but it is all over social media. Thankfully, Zach makes quick friends with Aaron and together they try and use Zach's magic to become more popular. When Zach discovers two caps that help him channel his magic, hilarious moments and detentions occur. Can Zach get back at Tricia and teach her a lesson? What does a locker full of chocolate pudding and an alligator in the principal's office got to do with it all?
My magical life is an excellent mix of drama and comedy. It is a novel with comic style images and readers will related to Zach's issues and life at school. They will get a laugh out of Zach's antics and the text will engage readers throughout the story. Zach is a great role model for children - a bit naughty, a good son, a good friend and all about being supportive to everyone. My magical life is highly recommended for boys aged 9+ but will be enjoyed by all readers.
Kylie Kempster