Don't spew in your space suit by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

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HarperCollins, 2017. ISBN 9780733334672
(Age: 5+) Don't spew in your space suit' is another bodily function picture book by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton (who also bring us the There is a monster... who farts series) that is sure to delight young children who thrive on all things gross! The book follows the story of an astronaut who is looking for life on Mars but unfortunately has a queasy tummy and doesn't take too well to space travel. The rhyme is fairly easy to follow, and makes for a good read aloud story - especially as there are often responses of 'yuk!' 'Eewww!' from the audience. I read this book to a group of reception boys. Their reviews range from "I think this book is funny, because it makes me laugh" and "It was pretty good, and I liked the bit where he had to wipe vomit off the windscreen" to "The book was silly, and the pictures and words were silly and I didn't like it". The majority of children who I read this book to thought it was hilarious, disgusting and good to listen to. Not for those weak of stomach, or in a bad mood!
Overall it gets 3/5 for its disgusting yet funny theme, and its bright and engaging illustrations. Best read to children who will understand the concepts of spew, space travel and aliens - 5 years and above.
Lauren Fountain