Crimewave by Michael Adams

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The Seven Signs series book 5. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781743628058
(Age: 13+) Recommended. Themes: Adventure; Risk; South Korea; Colombia; Information; Futuristic Crime. With one twist after another, the seven DARE award winners are thrust again into life-threatening scenarios in the fifth exciting book of the Seven Signs Series. The action picks up where it left off in book 4, with the teenagers in RoboWorld Theme Park in South Korea. With out-of-control robotic attackers still advancing and the clock clicking closer to imminent destruction, five of the intrepid teens must face their own fears and the threat of their own demise to save the country. Meanwhile, Mila and Isobel are in Bogata, Colombia, and they become embroiled in the plans of a criminal heavyweight. They too are in imminent danger.
With a one page introduction or summary of previous events in the series, the author launches into action. No time to draw breath! Consequently this is mostly suited to readers who have been waiting breathlessly to find out what might come next. And again, the author leaves the reader dangling at the end of the book with a closing cliff- hanger . . . Ready for the next exciting adventure to save the world.
Recommended for action lovers aged 13+.
Carolyn Hull