Ava's big move by Mary Van Reyk

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Surf Riders Club series. Lothian, 2017. ISBN 9780734417909
(Age: 10-14) Recommended. Ava's parents are following their dream and moving to the surf mad town of Beachcrest. They are going to open a cafe and give up their city jobs. This means Ava has to leave her school and her friends to start afresh in a new town.
Ava realises that the main focus in the town is surfing and she starts taking lessons at school. Other girls in the surf group are friendly and encourage her to practise with them. Gradually Ava begins to start a new life in the town, making friends and trying different experiences.
Friendship and dealing with change are two of the main themes of the book. Ava has to get to know a new circle of friends and eventually even enjoys the family's big move. She comes from a tight knit family and she finds she is even closer to her older brother after the move.
Ava's challenge is to pass the surf test with the rest of her friends so they can all go to the next level together. She learns not to give up and overcomes her fears of being dumped by a wave. There is a lot of information about surfing and the book is officially endorsed by Surfing Australia.
It is easy to believe in Ava and her friends as they share common problems and issues with young teenage girls.
This is Mary Van Reyk's first book and the second in the series is Bronte's big sister problem.
I think this book would appeal to both upper primary, lower secondary students as well as surfing enthusiasts.
There is a short YouTube clip showing Mary talking about her books here.
Recommended for 10 to 14 years olds.
Jane Moore