Alice-Miranda in Hollywood by Jacqueline Harvey

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Alice-Miranda book 16. Random House Australia, 2017. ISBN 9780143780618
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Themes: Hollywood, USA: Movies, Friendships, Mysteries. Lights, camera, action, Alice-Miranda and her friends are off to Hollywood and the Grand Canyon in this thrilling new adventure. Caprice has surprisingly helped them land roles in Uncle Lawrence's new movie, a musical western, Frontier Woman: The Life and Times of Nellie Williams.
Filming at the studio is challenging; there is rivalry between the young actors and competition for the leading boy's role. Musical director Frau Furtzwangler demands perfection from the young singers and the new director flounders in his management, and studio head Eli Goldberg worries he is unsure about his role. A saboteur causes havoc on set, making the children's makeup to fluoresce and Uncle Lawrence is injured by a rubber bullet. Alice-Miranda knows that none of these misfortunes is related to Old Nellie's curse, but someone closer to the movie wants it to be shut down. Meanwhile, Alice-Miranda, Millie and their friends enjoy exploring the wonders of Hollywood, staying with Aunt Charlotte and the twins and being spoilt by Mexican housekeeper Magdalena.
In the beautiful desert setting near the Grand Canyon, even more problems occur on and off the film set. Tyger Lombardi, the annoying paparazzo who constantly tries to snap photos of Aunt Charlotte and the twins, has become embroiled with some shady characters that kidnap her. She escapes from their car and flees across the desert finding refuge in mysterious recluse Aisle's cabin. Once again, Alice-Miranda and Millie step up to save the day, this time on borrowed horses from the movie set.
Jacqui Harvey delights her fans with this sixteenth Alice-Miranda novel. All the enjoyable and familiar elements are present, an exciting multi-layered mystery, with captivating characters, commotions on and off the film set and puzzles for Alice-Miranda to solve. Devoted fans love the fabulous locations Alice-Miranda and her friends travel to and are always rewarded with plenty of family, friends, fun, fabulous food and exciting escapades.
Rhyllis Bignell