Garcia and Colette go exploring by Hannah Barnaby and Andrew Joyner

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HarperCollins Children's, 2017. ISBN 9781460754306
Garcia the Rabbit and Colette the Fox cannot agree on where they want to go exploring - Garcia is fixated on space while Colette wants to see the sea. With no agreement in sight they agree to go their separate ways. Garcia builds a snazzy, silver rocket while Colette makes a gold and glorious submarine. Packing peanut butter sandwiches, a notebook, a pen and their lucky charms, each heads off on their own adventure. But is exploring new and exciting places all that much fun when you don't have your best friend by your side?
Cleverly written and illustrated so that each character remains connected despite their physical separation, this is a charming story of friendship and compromise that will appeal to a broad range - those who love the sea and those who love space. Is there a middle ground and how can it be reached? A great way to introduce the art of negotiation and seeking win-win solutions, while younger children can have fun contributing to murals of what each friend saw on their travels.
Barbara Braxton