Words collide by Chris Colfer

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The Land of Stories, book 6. Little Brown, 2017. ISBN 9780316355896
(Age: Year 3+) 'The statues are alive! How is this possible?'
The policewoman clicked the radio on her shoulder.
'Officer Sanchez to Dispatch,' she said, 'The library is under attack. I repeat, the library is under attack! We need all available units to join us immediately!'
'Copy, Officer Sanchez,' a voice responded over the radio. 'All available units have been notified. Are you able to identify who or what is behind the attack?'
Still in disbelief, the policewoman hesitated to respond.
'It's magic,' she said breathlessly. 'The library is being attacked by magic!'
Will it or won't it? This is the question on the lips of fans of The Land of Stories. Throughout this final book, Colfer drops some not so discreet hints that will leave one wondering is this really the last of the worlds. Readers will not be disappointed with the strange situations, difficult life lessons and cosmic dramas. Throw in evil and good characters becoming involved from various worlds battling through many of New York City's landmarks to top it off. It is pleasing to see Colfer bring all his fairy tale worlds from throughout the series to a satisfying close, with all plot lines from previous books converging in the finale. Book 6 sees many characters return for one last hooray - the flip side being they are reduced to cameo appearances albeit memorable.
The book needs to be read after the five others have been completed for sense to be made. There is the odd bit of violence and the occasional 'swear word' (crap, bastards, butt). Has a door or two been left open for another story?
We have students in Year 3 and up reading this series.
Kathryn Schumacher