What George forgot by Kathy Wolff

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Ill. by Richard Byrne. Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408884027
(Ages: 3-7) George is off to school. He knows he has forgotten something but he can't quite remember what. He remembered to wake his mum (with a running bear hug) and to put on his brand new superhero watch. He has even remembered to tell his dad his three funniest pirate jokes. So what is he forgetting? Could it be... oh yes, his shoes! Phew! says George as he boards the bus without his pants...
George's morning routine is sure to amuse readers, with the text and playful illustrations both contributing to the humour of the story. From the mess he leaves in his wake to the hairy-foot tickle inflicted on his sleeping father, there are plenty of opportunities for laughter. George is a great, happy character with so much enthusiasm for the important things in life (like inventing a flying backpack-putting-on machine) that he simply can't remember those other things (like putting his pants on).
Parents and children will identify with this morning struggle and giggle at George's funny antics. They might also be squawking at him: Your pants, George, you have forgotten your pants!
Nicole Nelson