Literature to support the Science Curriculum Foundation - 7 by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2016. ISBN 9781876678470
Following the same layout as some of their previous Australian Curriculum publications, the authors provide lists of titles for the various year levels from Foundation to Year 7. They use the headings that exist in the Science curriculum, including Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth and Space Sciences. They supply useful lists of resources that suit the year level content in each strand. The various ReadPlus reviewers have highly recommended many of the titles listed and the annotations give one a great overview as to the content of each book. This document will join the other LinksPlus publications as a major time saver for teachers planning their overviews for Science, and for librarians putting together bulk loans of resources for classroom teachers. Given that most of the books listed are recent publications of less than ten years of age, they should be readily accessible in most libraries.
The introduction contains a reminder to the teacher or librarian to 'read the books to judge their suitability for their particular clientele and school situation before using them in the classroom.' A selection of related websites are also provided, along with a suggestion that the ReadPlus database also exists to save time when checking for up to date information on the titles recommended. There is a comprehensive index, containing the authors and general subject headings which appear within the pages of this publication.
This is another 'must have' title for every school library and will prove to be a major asset, supporting any time poor teacher or librarian keen to provide useful resources for teachers wishing to use fiction titles as an integral part of their science curriculum.
Jo Schenkel