Wigglesbottom Primary: The toilet ghost by Pamela Butchart and Becka Moor

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Wigglesbottom Primary book 1. Nosy Crow, 2014. ISBN 9780857634269
(Age: 6-8) Recommended. School. Junior novel. With three stories in one book the emerging reader will have lots of fun with the hilarious toilet ghost, a stinky shoe that can tell the future and an itchy carpet.
Each of the stories is about 30 highly illustrated pages, with medium sized print so that young readers will know that they have moved on from the picture book format. The reader is introduced to Miss Riley the teacher and the 15 class members as well as Mr Harris the deputy headmaster, in a double page welcome. The personality of each child comes out with the clever illustrations that are also very funny as the story progresses. The toilet ghost is sure to tickle the funny bones of readers as they imagine the boys refusing to go to the toilet because of the ghost and the image of Mr Harris in shorts after he was soaked.
More fun and games can be had in The stinky shoe of fortune as children enjoy the pranks of Miles and his shoe while in The curse of the itchy carpet, children will have fun with the idea of a teacher with ants in her pants.
As well as gaining much enjoyment from the stories, children will also be able to see the power of peer group pressure in persuading everyone that things are happening in a certain, albeit humorous way.
Pat Pledger