Teens : a story of Australian schoolgirls by Louise Mack

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Angus and Robertson, 2017 (c1897). ISBN 9781460750797
(Age: 10+) Recommended. Lennie Leighton is leaving the governess she shares with her younger sisters to attend school. She is full of excitement and confidence, but has a false start when she receives poor marks in an exam. Lennie goes on to edit the school magazine and top the class in English and History. She also finds a best friend in Mabel James, and the closeness of their friendship contributes to the warmth and heart of this school girl story.
It has been a very long time since I have read a book this old and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the old worldy language and the historical references to life in the 1880s. This book was the first fiction title published by Angus and Robertson and was initially released in 1897. It reminded me of Little Women and the strong bonds that the girls formed during their teens. It is interesting to note that many of the experiences the central character, Lennie, encounters mirror the real life experiences of the author, Louise Mack. She was in fact educated at home by her own mother until she enrolled at Sydney Girls High School in 1885.
This is a delightful read about friendship, teen issues of the time, family, differences and the importance of education. A must have for a library collection to be added to the classics.
I would recommend it for 10 years of age and up.
Kathryn Schumacher