Super Moopers series by Fiona Harris

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Ill. by Scott Edgar. Five Mile Press, 2017.
Musical Markus book 1. ISBN 9781760406509
Nervous Nellie book 2. ISBN 9781760406493
Dramatic Dom book 3. ISBN 9781760406486
Giggling Gertie book 4. ISBN 9781760406516
(Age: 5-8) Highly recommended. Themes: Character Traits, Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Personality. Super Moopers is a bright and exciting new series from Sally Rippin Presents, written by Fiona Harris and illustrated by Scott Edgar. Welcome to Moopertown, an extraordinary place where everyone is unique, all different sizes, shapes, colours and characters. There is a similarity in style to Dr Seuss and his imaginary worlds - the Who's of Whoville with the bright pops of colour, unusual settings and quirky inhabitants. These four affirming stories introduce Musical Markus, Nervous Nellie, Dramatic Dom and Giggling Gertie, Moopers whose unique personality sometime gets them into trouble.
Markus loves to sing very loudly and he never stops. Unfortunately, this is very annoying for other Moopers, who discourage him and ask him to stop doing the one thing he loves. Fortunately, for Markus someone needs his singing abilities.
Nervous Nellie loves the warm sun, tall Doopy trees and faffer birds singing, but she is frightened of many things as well. Squishy marshmallows, kites blowing on windy days and bubbles popping all make her nervous. When a little Wixie chases her ball onto the road in front of the racing milk cart, Nellie steps up to save the day.
Flamboyant purple Mooper, Dramatic Dom has been rehearsing forever for his play. As he sets up the stage in the park, he notices an alien spaceship land in a nearby tree. Dom convinces everyone that the aliens have landed, when others ridicule him, Nellie stays to offer some advice. Dom's new play shows he can rise above the situation and turn his problems around.
Giggling Gertie laughs at everything, often at the most inappropriate times. Her challenge is to remain calm during Lord Hoity Toity's visit and not interrupt the scheduled performances.
Super Moopers is a fabulous series celebrating diversity, recognising that everyone has something inside that makes them super. These are wonderful picture books for families and classes to discuss wellbeing, building emotional resilience and developing self-esteem.
Rhyllis Bignell