The Adventures of Pelle No-Tail by Gosta Knutsson

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Translated by Stephanie Smee and Ann-Margrete Smee. Piccolo Nero, 2017. ISBN 9781863959247
(Age: 7-10) Recommended. Pelle No-Tail is a classic Swedish story that has been translated into English for a new audience. The Pelle stories have been a favourite since the late 1930's and tell the story of little Pelle, a cat whose tail has been bitten off by a rat. He finds his way into a car and leaves the farm to live with a new family in the city.
Pelle has to deal with the city cats, bully Mans and his friends, but he always seems to come out on top. Pelle gets to experience Easter, Christmas and a summer holiday on a farm with his new family. He travels in the car and on a train and meets a variety of animals on the way.
Little Pelle's innocence and kindness endear him to both humans and animals.
These ageless stories are simple yet entertaining and appealing.
There are a few black and white illustrations in the book and the cover shows a jaunty Pelle admiring a medal he received from his family.
Mother and daughter translators, Stephanie and Margrete Smee explain at the beginning of the book, that they have translated the story into English but have kept a few Swedish words in the text to ensure that children understand Pelle's Swedish background.
Gosta Knutsson wrote 13 Pelle stories and 3 have been translated and are available to purchase. Further Adventures of Pelle No-Tail is Book no 2 and Pelle No-Tail Pulls Through Book no 3.
I recommend this story to students aged 7 to 10 years old.
Jane Moore